Our Services

Free Evaluation

By answering the basic questions on our Free Evaluation form and emailing us a copy of your damage appraisal we will evaluate your claim and provide you with our impression of its viability and value. Not all diminution in value claims are viable, so we'll tell you right up front If we don't believe your case warrants investment. 

Expert Opinions

If your case is viable and you choose to go forward, our services include providing a formal expert opinion of the dollar value of your claim. The purpose of the opinion is to overcome your burden of proving the damages. Generally, we charge $400 unless the vehicle was close to brand new, for which we charge $500. Specialty and/or high value vehicle's are by quoted individually. 


We can also provide opinions of the value of your loss of use claim. If you were not provided with a like kind and quality rental for the full period of downtime you have an uncompensated loss. If we provide you with an opinion of your diminution in value, the loss of use opinion is an additional $150, if we did not, $300. 


We don't have any surprise or extra costs so you'll know everything you need to upfront.  

Recovery Consultation

For customers who purchase an expert opinion, we provide comprehensive recovery consultation through the entire process to recovery. Our consultative process allows you to present and recover your claim with minimal effort, as we provide everything you need.


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